Hate Mail Archive

These e-mails were sent to MAR over the course of several years, but since I didn't save most of the originals, it's impossible for me to give the precise dates. Hence why they now reside in this archives section. Most of these are several years old, but they're still funny as hell, so enjoy.

From: Demonic Christ

"Yes we could, be we won't. Compiling "black lists" of enemies and denouncing others is what totalitarianists do (left or right). It's not our place to point fingers at anyone. From the reactions we've had, it's clear that the people we're talking about know we mean them, and that's good enough."

Seems this is not a standard all your members live by, or you are all a bunch of hypocrites no better than an organized religious group. Several have listed over 300 entries in my guestbook (with no real contact info or names of course), name calling etc... Very childish and annoying. I have never declared my self racist and even if I were, I am entitled to my opinions and do not need to be attacked by so called anti-racist tree hugging liberal "metal heads". I have clearly never had racist lyrics, imagery or otherwise involved race in my band, DEMONIC CHRIST - so go play with someone else. This will be the only letter you will receive from me - just wanted you to be aware of what your "followers" are doing. They really need to get a life.

I have no idea what this has to do with MAR, nor have I hugged any trees lately. However, it took me about 10 minutes of web research to find enough interview quotes from this character to know who the real hypocrite here is. -Mike

From: Ulrich von Bek [sic]

Just writing to let you know that you are still losing, and always will. Heavy Metal has ALWAYS been anti-egalitarian, and always will be, if you don't like it-LISTEN TO SOMETHING ELSE!!!
The incredible beauty of being a part of an openly fascist heavy metal band is that members of other bands that are not openly fascist are always willing to confide in you and voice their support. I found it particularily humorous to look through your various members websites and find countless interviews with individuals that have professed their personal support for myself and the extreme right in the past.
As a side note, let me expressly clarify that I am a Germanic White Gentile, as I notice your Mr. Meier does not expressly clarify himself as a JEW on your website.

Lordes Werre

It's so funny because Metal is a form of Rock music, which came from the Blues. But hey, whatever you say, "Lordes Werre". Nice to see how you're covering for your white supremacist buddies by not supplying any names, too. And thanks for the compliment, but actually I'm not jewish. -Mike

From: James

Your site is the GAYEST FUCKING THING I'VE EVER SEEN. I nearly fell out of my chair laughing when I stumbled across it after doing a search for 'racism'. I was hoping to find some nigger hate sites or something. If you feel so strongly about being 'fair' and 'sensitive' then you're in the wrong business. Maybe you and your staff should convert to EMO. Metal is all about hate and anything that happens to be sick and brutal. It's not an outlet for emotion and a way to preach equality. You and your staff are probably all minorities who've gotten your asses kicked all your lives. I was relieved when I found that every band on your 'members list' SUCKS ASS. I hate the thought of any band I listen to being a part of something so fucking gay. FUCK THE JEWS, FUCK THE NIGGERS, FUCK THE BEANERS, FUCK THE ASIANS, AND FUCK ANYBODY ELSE WHO MIGHT HAPPEN TO BE IN THIS COUNTRY AND SHOULDN'T BE. VAGINAL JESUS OWNS YOUR FUCKING ASSES.


This one has got to be my favorite e-mail yet. I mean, honestly, I don't even know where to start. But maybe Jimbo here and "Lordes Werre" should have themselves a nice little talk because I sense some dissent concerning our members list. -Mike

From: Elissa Nilson

First I would like to suggest you make your e-mail address more prominent, it took me quite some time to find it. Please do correct me if I’m wrong but you people call yourselves “metalheads”. I am highly offended that you call yourselves metalheads. A real metalhead knows and can appreciate the raw essence of pure black evil in man.

Judging from the images around the site, the people who frequent it are Slipknot fans (you taking off the people=shit thing and turning it into racism=shit). You probably like Cradle of Filth too. Neither of the above is real metal. They can be categorized respectively as nu-metal and new wave. Dani Filth is known for his anti-racist views: “I knew Euronymus and a lot of those bands in the Norwegian black metal scene, and some of those guys were definitely fascists" he sighs. "I've left some extreme groups because they were moving towards fascism - it just doesn't make sense to me. Racism is sick. If I found the guys who killed Stephen Lawrence, I'd have them stripped naked, flayed and then killed.” The first thing I notice about this quote is Euronymous had his name spelt wrong, but we can blame the person who typed it up. Euronymous is not a band, (maybe Dani Filth just didn't finish high school, right?)

Next thing I would like to point out is people commonly mistake Racism for Nationalism. Just because one is proud of their race, country and fellow people does not make them racist. In fact this sort of behavior is encouraged in every race except whites. This is most probably because whites have managed to dominate every other race at some point in time in history. And the Liberals (assisted by those influential Jews) convinced most white people that they should feel bad because they were the better conquerors and are somehow at fault here.

What about those people (in metal) who say that whites are more intelligent, or better looking (you better not be thinking Halle Berry is beautiful though! Because she got her bone structure from her white mother.) To be honest whites tend to be on average more intelligent. We agree different races are different right? Whites tend to be more intelligent, and blacks…better at running, although it is fair to say this is because in Africa they run from the animals, but we could control them. All the stars in the NBA or who play baseball probably got their millions and athleticism because they were bred to be big, strong slaves.

If you really want to be “metalheads against racism” then for a start become proper metalheads, then campaign to get rid of affirmative action etc and other racist laws. It is not ok to discriminate for equality (if that is what you really wanted, but it is not, you just want to get the power and wealth and redistribute it as you see fit.) Stop bashing whites who are proud. Racist.

Elissa Nilson

Correct you if you're wrong? Elissa, honey, I don't even know where to start. But I'm glad the site offends you. I'd be worried if it didn't. And now if you'll excuse me, I need to go "control" some animals so my black friends don't have to "run from them". -Mike

From: Elissa Nilson, yet again

Mike, honey, you don't know where to start? You said, "I don't even know where to start" to ‘James' as well. I will start with your response (or lack thereof) to me. You did not e-mail me back which struck me as rude and conceited, you didn't even inform me that my e-mail was going on your site.(not that it matters, but I did this time -Mike) "The responses are written by the webmaster, Mike Meier. They are intentionally humorous and sarcastic and do not necessarily represent the views of all our members." Webmaster Mike: I found your response, that is the comments you made at the bottom of my e-mail, neither sarcastic nor humorous. They were also irrelevant. It would appear you cannot even begin to back up your unfounded viewpoint. "By the way, the amount of positive e-mail this site gets still outnumbers the racist crap by far, and the webmaster wishes to thank everyone who has ever written to praise the site for their kind comments." Good for you.

When I said "Correct me if I'm wrong", firstly I was referring to the fact that you think you are a metalhead. It was simply a rhetorical remark that was referring to something specific, not something broad as you seem to have interpreted it as. Secondly, if you think I'm wrong, correct me (like it suggests). As of yet what you have been saying just proves you have obviously not thought through this opinion of yours.

"I'm glad this site offends you" This site does nothing of the sort. The fact that you call yourself ‘metal' offends me. This site amuses me and further infuses my beliefs into my brain. I thank you for doing such a noble thing, however unintentional it was. Why does it worry you that I am not offended? Is it because it defuses you ego, and kicks your disillusions on importance in the teeth? Go control the animals, prove to the world that you are really white, and of course, what a race traitor you are!

Lastly, don't call me ‘honey'. I am not your bitch. Hell I bet your really a chick. I would appreciate a reply this time.

Elissa Nilson

Gee, I'm sorry you didn't find my response humorous, Elissa. Your e-mails certainly make me laugh. As for "backing up my unfounded viewpoint", I'll start engaging in serious debate with you when your grammar improves and you learn the difference between "delusion" and "disillusion". If you want to prove your Aryan intellectual superiority with complicated words, you should at least use them properly. -Mike

From: Clare Lenihan

This funny girl whined so much about my short responses that I felt sorry for her and decided to give her the full treatment. Comments in italics are by me, the e-mail is otherwise unedited, of course.

I thought that metal was about being free from the confines of society. It is a genre for people who do not bow to any Judeo-Christian political correctness bullshit. It is for people who unashamedly live the dark side of humanity and do what is natural and honest. Am I wrong? Is it in fact about following the crowd? Is it about the false rebellion that says: "rebel, but do not go too far"? Is it about doing what you know to be wrong for the sake of making people happy?

No, and again no, I am not wrong. You just want me to be.

Actually, you're more or less right about that, but given that our global society as a whole is in many respects pretty racist and there is nothing "natural" about racism, you're not really making the point you're trying to make.

If you want fluffy, be-nice-to-everyone-all-the-time, politically correct metal then count me out. Take all the bands that care so much about that poor minority's' feelings and leave real metal the hell alone. Metal is about hate, anger, the dark side of nature, etc. The fact that you want to make it about preaching equality tells you are completely disconnected from the ‘spirit' of metal.

Jesus, I could drive a truck through the hole in that line of argument. Yes, a lot of Metal is about what most people would call "negative" emotions like hate and anger. But what does that have to do with your small-minded bigotry? Who says I have to "be nice to everyone all the time" because I don't discriminate based on ethnicity? And what's this shit about "minorities"? Are you saying Metal is for "the majority"? What's so rebellious about that?

Also, I would like to comment that your hate mail section makes you look very stupid. Short sarcastic remarks only work when their subject is either incomprehensible due to poor spelling and/or grammar or plainly stupid due to complete lack of substance.

Lack of substance? Um... yeah. You mean like your e-mail?

The hate mail for the most part is neither, so the comments come across as a person who has no answers. I imagine this email will get similar treatment, but that says more about you than me.

Well, as you can see, I actually allowed you to bait me into giving you a more detailed response. The reason I don't usually argue with racists anymore is, as you have just proven yet again with your hilarious e-mail, there is just no sensible point to be made for racism. It's an emotion and as such inherently irrational and illogical. Therefore, any attempt to argue logically with a racist will inevitably result in the same circular argument. It's like trying to convince somebody that 1 plus 1 equals 2 who simply refuses to believe it. -Mike

From: Christos Maletsikas

Subject: whata fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!????????

Whata fuck r u!!!!!!!!????????
metalheads against racism!!!!!!????
who the fuck r u????????!!!! I cant come up with what u r!!
who the fuck did this fucking site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????

Congratulations, you're the new champion (sorry, James). Anyway, uh, your "questions" (and I'm using the term loosely here) are all covered by our FAQ. I think. -Mike

From: Clare Lenihan. She's back! Woo hoo!

So you have taken Elissa's advice twice now. That is very good.

I am thankful you at least attempted to show my wrongness in your response. I was planning on writing back to you regardless as my life is relatively uneventful at this time and more text makes my job easier.

You wrote:

"Actually, you're more or less right about that, but given that our global society as a whole is in many respects pretty racist and there is nothing "natural" about racism, you're not really making the point you're trying to make.""

My response:

I would sure love to live in your fantasy world where racism is seen as mainstream and a generally accepted belief. However, I have to live in a world with affirmative action, hate crime laws, holocaust revisionism being illegal in many countries, ‘black history month' etc, etc, etc. Unless you were referring to so called reverse racism, (in which case I would agree) racism is not tolerated by the mainstream society I live in. Where are you, may I ask, that is so racist?

I am aware that there are groups of Christian fundamentalists, like the Identity Christians, who hold racist viewpoints. However there are two main reasons they are irrelevant to me. The most important reason is that just because a Christian does it is no reason for me to hate it for ever and ever. My personal philosophy on life is independent of them. The second reason is that racist metalheads disagree with Christian racists on both why they are racist and what will be the result of their racism.

Well now that you have said that it is unnatural I simply must believe you, right? Next thing you know I am going to be told hate is unnatural! If you think something, a reason (preferably a logical one) would be in order.

You wrote:

‘Jesus, I could drive a truck through the hole in that line of argument. Yes, a lot of Metal is about what most people would call "negative" emotions like hate and anger. But what does that have to do with your small-minded bigotry? Who says I have to "be nice to everyone all the time" because I don't discriminate based on ethnicity? And what's this shit about "minorities"? Are you saying Metal is for "the majority"? What's so rebellious about that?'

My response:

You show yourself to be incredibly stupid now also. You are closed to my thoughts regarding racism, I am closed to yours and yet you are implying that I am the only closed minded one. Way to run back to the typical terminology of the political correctness troop.

You also seem to think that ‘bigotry' has nothing to do with hate and anger. I may agree with that, but I would be interested as to what you think fuels ‘bigotry'.

I am not saying that racial hatred should be a compulsory part of being a metalhead, but fighting against such hate is out of place. Since when did metal care about other people's feelings? You are essentially telling me ‘no, no do not hate them, love them, look after them, make sure they are included too'. That sure embodies that metal spirit!

By minorities I was referring to ethnic minorities, and I did think that you would understand that given the context. I do now see that misunderstanding could occur and should I refer to that group of people again to you I will write ‘ethnic minorities' for your benefit.

You wrote:

"Lack of substance? Um... yeah. You mean like your e-mail?"

My response
I would have thought that a half page of writing comprising of multiple paragraphs with as many points constitutes substance. Apparently more is needed to meet your definition. I would be interested as to what would meet your expectations of substance? A novel perhaps? Or maybe just one line that agrees with you.

You wrote:

"Well, as you can see, I actually allowed you to bait me into giving you a more detailed response. The reason I don't usually argue with racists anymore is, as you have just proven yet again with your hilarious e-mail, there is just no sensible point to be made for racism. It's an emotion and as such inherently irrational and illogical. Therefore, any attempt to argue logically with a racist will inevitably result in the same circular argument. It's like trying to convince somebody that 1 plus 1 equals 2 who simply refuses to believe it. –Mike"

My response:

The reason I don't usually argue with anti-racists anymore is, as you have just proven yet again with your hilarious response, there is just no sensible point to be made for anti-racism. It's an emotion and as such inherently irrational and illogical. Therefore, any attempt to argue logically with an anti-racist will inevitably result in the same circular argument. It's like trying to convince somebody that one plus one equals two who simply refuses to believe it.

Look, look I can do it too! Have you any idea how ‘bigots' I have seen write things very similar? That proves nothing other than that you think you are right, and I think I am right, and we both think the other is stupid, emotional and using faulty reasoning to back up their assertions. Your statement is as valid when I change about four words as it was originally. It proves nothing but that you are arrogant.

Clare Lenihan

How's that for a circular argument? Sorry, Clare, I'm not going into some huge metacommunicational debate about why we're not making any progress communicating to each other.

Let's keep this short, my life isn't as uneventful as yours.

1. The fantasy world I live in is called Planet Earth.

2. You didn't back up your claim that racism is "natural" either, but the reason it isn't is simple genetics. Not that I'm surprised you aren't aware that inbreeding is bad.

3. Bigotry is fueled by a mix of stupidity, ignorance and fear. Mostly fear.

4. Typing up lots of words does not constitute "substance."

Also, you're completely wrong in your perception of what this site is about. Read the FAQ. Or to summarize quickly: You're about as Metal as the Pope.

From: Elissa Nilson

Subject: The last e-mail I will send you

I will keep this one short. You said: I'll start engaging in serious debate with you when your grammar improves and you learn the difference between "delusion" and "disillusion". The only mistake I made regarding grammar was saying disillusion instead of delusion, which you were so kind to point out to me. If that is the only thing that you can point out that is wrong with my argument then that really says something about you.

You called me honey. I asked you not to, yet you did it again. [She's referring to the e-mail she mentions below -Mike] This makes me feel uncomfortable. I noticed on your FAQ page that people seem to ask about why you only seek to get rid of racism, and not sexism or homophobia. Now you anti-sexist people(to the best of my knowledge) believe that women and men should be treated equally. By calling me honey you have made an attempt to alienate me because of my gender. Is that not sexist? Secondly words like "honey", "darling", "love" and "sweetie" are not remotely metal. Words like "hateful", "grim", "necro" and "evil" are very metal. You should try slipping them into your everyday conversation now and then.

In the very short e-mail you sent me (and I thank you) you stated you were my favorite race traitor. I have friends that are race traitors and I like them far better than I like you. I may be "racist", but it does not hinder my ability to socialize with those around me. Now I ask you, would you befriend someone whose morals you completely disagreed with, for example a racist like me?

Elissa Nilson

No Elissa, I think we really can't be friends. Sorry. You're not necro enough and it wouldn't be very grim for someone as evil as me to be hateful friends with a racist like you.

Sorry to hear this is your last e-mail. We'll all miss your hilarious comments, I'm sure. Honestly, you're almost up to par with our Dynamic Duo Christos and Jimbo at this point. Most impressive.

From: Carlos Ramirez

Im hispanic, and into metal. However you website is shit, this is shit. Metal is about being extreme, and i dont really give a fuck if a bunch of european wannabe viking faggots dont like me because of my heritage. I dare any one of them to come up to me at a show and call me spic and see how far i shove their limited edition Abyssic Hate Lps up their asses. Your website is bullshit because metal has never been about being a pussy. Im hispanic, but i dont like fucking niggers or jews. Fuck this website.

Hey, that's okay, we don't discriminate. Everyone gets to be an idiot if they want to, not just whites, you know. -Mike

From: Florin Jax

Here's another funny character. This guy first sent me an e-mail with a comment about the Demonic Christ e-mail further up. Since I usually update the website in big sweeps every other week, it didn't immediately end up here. And frankly, I didn't quite know what to make of it anyway. Apparently "Florin Jax" thought he hadn't been making his stupidity clear enough in the first one, so a while later he sent me another e-mail to... you know... clarify his position.

i'd like to reply to a message to Dana from Demonic Christ, who posted a hate mail message saying that she has never declared herself racist and that the others are hypocrites. okay well here is what I found that you said on an interview, I'll paste it right here:

"If there were one single thing you could change about the world, instantly, what would it be? Why?
I would get rid of all the niggers and spics - to make this world a prettier and happier place. It would have a domino effect and rid the world of many of it's problems. " (http://www.mourningtheancient.com/demonic.htm)

well Dana, it's not nice to be a liar with a mind of a blonde whore. did you get raped by niggers or something? or you have sucked every black dick in high school and then later felt sorry for it and turned to racism? and by the way.. did you learn to play your music in the trailer park? just wondering. you are just a scared little girl who poses evil to hide her own sensitivity, ignorance and weakness.

I'm not racist but I'm european, and I believe that the scumbags of the earth are the thieves, criminals, and parasites in general, not a particular race or nation. because of the peoples' ignorance and difference of mentality, racial mixing wouldn't really work without hate and envy.
now just to make some things clear:
- the word "nigger" is not a racist word. it just means black, in more languages, and a black person agreed with that too.
- religion is more fascist than fascism itself. it's taking away the freedom of everyone
- everyone has the right to live, except those who don't respect and let others live
oh and another thing, that "Racism=Shit" quote is totally pathetic. slipknot is not a metal band, it's a pussy wannabe mtv loving pop band who tries hard but exceeds in being boring, retarded and lame. metal bands have solos and don't dress like clowns
aborted and Napalm Death RULE!!!

So far so good. Now here's the followup:

how come you never posted my previous message on the hate mail forum? i don't like racism but I still think your site is gay, your left wing beliefs are gay and stupid, and no true metalhead would agree with them. we're not part of any herd or something, we happen to be individuals, and masters of ourselves!
An "ubermensch" is a man born a master (no matter what race he is). we are not born equal, we're born either masters, either slaves! you communist dumbfuck!!!! nazi skinheads are the most pathetic people of all the racists... they're so full of shit it's not even funny. second are the blacks from Africa who throw at you with coconuts if they see you're white. third are the arab towelheads who would just blow up your american asses. how stupid can the human race be?? fucking social cows! you're dumb, all of you with your "categories" and "races"!
death metal rules, even though it's played by a bunch of pussies!!! but I bet you listen to dolls and clowns like Mary Manson, Shitknot, and Cradle Of Shit!
fuck nu-metal, fuck communists, fuck nazis, fuck anarchists, and fuck all the people who have a point of view!

Good thing you don't have a point of view then, Florin. -Mike

From: Count Grishnach

This guy can't be the real deal because he spelled the name wrong and Varg isn't into Metal anymore anyway, but check out the Yahoo Norway signature. Funny stuff.

Just wanted to give a hearty "fuck you!" and thank you for
listing all the bands and other idiots from whom I will
never buy a thing.

Ny versjon av Yahoo! Messenger
Nye ikoner og bakgrunner, webkamera med superkvalitet og dobbelt så morsom

You're very welcome, and thanks for the... applause. *snicker* -Mike

From: Caesar 999

Ever since I was a teen into metal, as far back as I can remember, it was always filled with racist ideas, anti-christian satanic rebellion, and anti-government propaganda. I don't see how you can claim that suddenly racists are infiltrating metal, and the punk metal scene has always been extremely racist. I'm an ultra leftist, but I find you to be amusing. You must truly be judaists or sympathizers, scared of the rise of even more racist bands, or is it that they are just more publicized now than ever before? I'm no racist, but the judaist and christian will face the fire of our growing movement. Be confused, be very confused! \m/

So let me get this straight. You're an ultra-leftist member of the Punk Metal scene, which has always been racist, but you're no racist. Well, one of us is confused, that's for sure. Very confused. -Mike

From: Anthony

What a hypocritical idea? I would love to see the mosh pit in a metal concert with someone screaming about how we are all equal. Fuckin sweet ass mosh pit that would be. Give me a brake. You have received a lot of hate mail and there are some good points that are proven by some of the people who wrote them. Your simple- minded comical, one-liners are pathetic and are only there to please the eyes of some dumb ass who thinks you're funny, not intelligent. when you come up with some good ideas to support your cause(which don't exist) let me know. You are a living example of hypocrisy at its worst. This is the trendiest website I've ever been to. Have a good day and keep fighting for your lost cause.

p.s. please post this on your website

Look, Tony, if you wanted me to hook you up with Elissa and Clare, you could've just asked me for their e-mail addresses instead of typing up a lengthy e-mail to kiss their asses and then begging me to post it here. Jeez. -Mike

From: Sean Dylan

Sean apparently posted this through my band's website. Props for the detective work, I guess.

Yeah, fuck individual thought! Lets make every other metal band just like us. Because we all know that making your own decisions about races and people is wrong. We must force our ideas down the throats of everybody. Hell, if it works for the Jehovas Witnesses...

One day, I'm gonna find out where this guy lives, go knock on his door with an MAR flyer in my hand and say something like "Hello. I'm from Metalheads Against Racism and I'd like to talk to you about... brains?" -Mike

From: Thorgrimur Thossi

It is because of people like you that rational racism is not allowed to exist.(by that I mean racism which is aimed at not letting races die out)
I don´t hate other races and I don´t think they are inferior to us whites.
But... if we don´t do something about the problems which we are confronted with we as a race will die out.
This process is already in progress. White nations are seeing drastically lower birth rates(which we see no end to). People are too caught up with material things in the rat race which we live in and don´t bother to make babies.
As a cause of this the population is getting older. Obviously there is a lack of younger people so we import 3 world people. Why not change our ways and create a good environment for people to bring and raise children? We must! Or else we will die out!

People are trying to save a race of bears(the Panda) from extinction. Why is that acceptable and hindering a decrease in the white race not?

Greetings/hate from Iceland

When did "making babies" stop being a "material thing"? You do know how babies are made, right?
Anyway, adorable as your Panda analogy is, it fails for about a dozen reasons, primarily because unlike "the white race", Pandas are a
species, not to mention the fact that scientifically speaking, there are no races among humans. But maybe it's just because Pandas look like they wear corpsepaint. -Mike

From: Jesse Barnett

Interesting that you claim the only reason that your fighting “racism” in the metal scene is because of it overabundance of racism in it. You’re very quick to defend Minorities and Jews while Christians are definitely the most abused group in the scene. I’m a definitely not a Christian, and I’m also not a nazi but you and your political correct MTV culture may think so (love the slipknot icons really “metal) I enjoy many racist bands (Mayhem, Anal Cunt, vaginal Jesus, Emperor to name a few) and many non racist bands, you need to stop being a pussy or go listen to emo or pop-punk because metal is obviously to “mean” for you.

Grow some pubes,
Jesse ( thrashandslash1@yahoo.com feel free to post)

In a separate e-mail, Jesse sent the following PS:

Don't fuck with demonic Christ there legends, not like that slipknot shit your pushing, and i want you to post this, maybe ill get more then i clever one liner... probably not.

Dana, if you're reading this, please drop this lonely boy a line, I think he wants to be your knight in shining armor. Man, I'm beginning to think I should turn this site into a dating service for lonely KKK rejects.
And I'd like to know where on this website it says we condone the "abuse" of Christians, if somebody could point that out for me.

Well, if Jesse isn't lonely, he's definitely bored - about two days after the above he sent this. Then when it didn't go online right away, he sent it again.

Holy shit mike, When I first came across this web site I said “wow metal heads against racism” that’s a lot of my favorite bands he’s against but then I also found out you have a problem with bands that bash Christians to! WOW mike well there goes all of black metal, and legends like King Diamond, Celtic Frost, Bathory, Slayer (you may have even heard of them!), and Venom. Even bands that share in your leftist views like Carcass bash Christians, Wows according to you a lot of bands that I once thought of has legends are to impoliticly correct for metal. Oh and my support of a female musician, I guess cause she’s a women I cant respect her musical integrity, oh yep im the backwoods sexist KKK hick, well you’ll probably post this and it will be followed by a witty remark and a broad generalization, pretty “close minded” Mike.

Witty remark: So because Venom had "satanic" lyrics, racist bands are okay. Rrrright. Gotcha.
Broad generalization: Just because Carcass had a song that criticizes Christianity (I assume you're talking about "Embodiment", that's about the only one I could think of) doesn't mean they advocated the wholesale slaughter of Christians. There
is a difference, you know. -Mike

From: Adamo

This sad individual thinks his point of view is so very important, he had to send three times.

As I can see you, like everyone else in America, you have fallen victim to the Jewish influence of multiculturalism and autonomy that plagues the minds of you and all your lemming followers. If it was not for MTV and every other multi-billion dollar media corporation (which are all run by Jews) teaching Americas fragile minded youth all this liberal and racial inbreeding, you and generation X would be singing a different tune. You need to take the time to analyze both sides of a story and not just what the Jewish American media feeds you, and all you other oblivious, incoherent herd followers. People are prejudice for a reason. You are a fucking Jew who has been brainwashed. The only reason why you are in the support of liberalism and multiculturalism is because you do not have the balls to stand up for what you truly believe in or else you would be considered a racist or Anti-Semitist which is not accepted in today’s Jewish governed society. And Niggers are pawns for the Jews in so many ways it would take an entire book to describe. You have subconsciously become the victim of a pro Zionist culture and do not realize it. Niggers do not even have their own culture. Their culture is the result of a poor and uncivilized environment in which their past generations have grown up and become accustom to. They are poising the minds of youthful WHITE Americans with their vulgar behavior and their cultural devotion to crime and how it is ethically right to commit or “cool” to commit them. Look at the statistics blacks are 2,200% more likely to commit a crime in America than whites. Basically I am through talking to you because no matter what I or anyone else says, with the same political views, you will always turn away from the truth.

P.S. Please post this on you web site

It's funny because I don't live in the US, but let's not get into that - I'd be much more interested in hearing how exactly you think multiculturalism is somehow related to inbreeding. -Mike

From: sweaty cockmaster [sic]

Another funny fellow who posted his comment a whopping four (!!) times through various channels. Listen kids, there's no need to get impatient just because your bullshit doesn't make it on this page within 24 hours, okay? You all get your 15 minutes of public self-humiliation, trust me.

You communist scumbag, your site is the sadist crook of shit I have seen in a long time and you are most sadist pussy cunt face, you make me sick. You are the kind of nigger loving wigger trash who would roll over and let a shaven ape fuck you up the ass. you are a disgusting treason committing traitor who all of your own race are ashamed of. That is if you are white and not some black vermin trying to poison the white music scene. Most people listen to this music are sick of bullshit fucking black crap music and are sick of black culture being pushed in are faces 24 hours a day over the t.v and now there is or bunch of sad pussys trying to take away what white culture we have left. Black music and its followers hate the metal and heavy music scene and we hate them and that's the way its going to stay and you and your sad list of pussy bands who ive never fucking heard of are not going to change that so you might as well get a list of stinking nigger rappers on there as well. The fact is that niggers walk all over you and are openly racist through their music and you are supporting there cause well done you must be so proud. Bring on the time when there are no lesser races to infest the master races empires so we can turn our attention to ridding the world of disgraceful dumb wigger scabs like your self.


See my response to "Lordes Werre" above for your "point" about Metal being "white culture". And you know, I can't believe you called me a traitor, and one who commits treason, no less. Teehee. -Mike

From: Greg Lambert

YOU are the enemies of the "metal scene," not the racists. While metal promotes the power of individual will, you envision a scene where absolute conformity of thought rules supreme. While metal is ripe with a variety of groups expressing their own unique cultural identities, you promote a scene where no culture exists; a scene comprised of brainless drones where homogeneity and tedium govern. While metal rejects the normality imposed by societal taboos, you flagrantly wield that very power to suppress all who would seek freedom of speech. While metal values personal strength and moral relativity rather than absolutist, Judeo-Christian dualism, you value guilt, fear, and mortification as deceptive tools to achieve sheeplike submission to your new false God of egalitarianism. You claim to fight fascism and suppression... luckily, no metalhead with any inkling of wisdom can be deluded by your glaring hypocrisy.

Ah yes, the old individualism/freedom of speech routine dressed up in new clothing yet again. I love how you worked in what appears to be a plea for cultural diversity, though. Funny stuff. As for the "freedom of speech" thing, uh, if you believe in that freedom so much, it's a little odd that you're writing me an e-mail telling me and our several hundred members that we can't exercise ours, don't you think? -Mike

From: Oxblood Foulgrim
I'm not going to publish this clown's e-mail, but you might want to know that he has an 88 in it. Kinda puts things in perspective.


I will to explain you why your "Metal again racism" in unfounded.

When you listen DEICIDE and their "Incineratehymn" where you can to hear many Christians burn , when you listen MARDUK and their "Slay the Nazarene" with their slogan "Death to peace", HOW can you to preach the word of God and say : Peace & Love, my friends !

Note that DEICIDE is very representative of the Death Metal stage, and MARDUK of the Black Metal stage. I take as a model they, but there's many others examples. (SIX FEET UNDER : Die motherfucker ! ; METALLICA : kill'em all ; at last I could to make a long list to prove that Metal is not friendly with all the world !!

When I see that my neightbours don't answer me "good morning", when all the world let to die the tramps, even whites !, when we can to see that humanity is more and more individualist, we are far away to settle yours problems, and the racism is a lowly detail among all this !

But racism is fashion since few years, can you open your eyes ?! To speak of the problem of racism in the news, in T.V.

ect... is political. It's disturbing for their world-wide global application.

I will not enter in my personal opinion, but Ijust want to say it's not the role of Metal to give the morale on racism. Anyway there will be always cultural shock between some states or continents, between some religion and cultivation, to say the opposite is to lie.

And a band as ABORTED, who is again racism, is specialised in gore and murder, in human carving. Even if brutal lyrics are saving, it's a little hypocritical to say after "fuck racism". This is my viewpoint. Soon we will can to kill anybody, except the Niggers and Arabs. Whatever you do, don't touch the niggers !!! But why ??? Are you masochist ?

Today we are allowed to hate animals ( I know its unfortunately many), to hate the fats ( I know its unfortunately many), to hate the chocolate, to hate the school, to hate to work, to hate to drink alcohol, to hate to drink water... etc.... Why not to hate Arabs ??? Anybody can to think that he wants... that's all... so why make you racism a personal problem ?

Yak yak yak. Maybe I should put a note at the top of this page that you're not allowed to bug me with your bullshit if you're only going to rephrase what your fellow idiots have said before you. Yes, a lot of Metal lyrics are about violence. Yes, the world is an ugly place. No, that doesn't mean I have to buy into some bullshit ideology about the superiority of the white race. Those things have nothing to do with each other. Furthermore, two plus two does not, in fact, equal five. Do try to wrap the pea you call your brain around these simple concepts, please. Start with the two plus two thing and work your way up. Thank you. -Mike

From: Nidhogg

my english is not so good, but i don't care. i've looked to your site, and yes, i will put it on it's right place. i will look forth to your comment on my emial if enlisted on the site's hatemail. common people don't like other colours, so why don't you leave them alone, it are people as well.

never try to stand up against a stronger unity


Dark greetz,


Hey, it's okay if your English isn't that good, I don't speak Dumbass particularly well either. As for your "thoughts" (although I'm not sure the term applies), I believe you've just proven this website's still necessary, so thanks and, um "dark greetz", I guess.-Mike

From: Some nameless douchebag

Subject: Fucking Aniracists

U are gay fucking nigger-fucking assholes!

The white race will win! We will suvive! How can u even like others?!!!

ihr habt wohl nichts besseres zu tun als scheiss Regierungen zu unterstützen, die Rasissten und Nationalisten verhetzen!?!

Ihr seid erbärmlich!!

I belive in 14 words: We must secure the existence of white people and
future for our children!!

88, 18, 14!

If it's any consolation to our non-German speaking readers, the "German" parts of this e-mail are just as incomprehensible as the "English" parts.-Mike

From: Anthony Moody

Your Fucking Gay, Nigger lover website

Just a few comments about your stupid fucking website.

1. If you're an anti-racist site, remove the crossed out swastika. By showing that image, you are doing nothing but serving to further pervert the TRUE meaning of the swastika. The swastika was a symbol of peace used by the ancient norse, and was later perverted by the Nazi party of Germany. Your ignorance just continues to show the swastika as a racist symbol, rather than the peaceful meaning it orginally had.

2. Everyone is entitled their opinions about racism. Personally, I don't hate people based on race, however it's hard to ignore solid facts! 70% of our jails are filled with MINORITIES!! If these people would even TRY to better themselves, rather than sit around with their hands out waiting for their next government check, they might not act so fucking stupid! Black people believe that because my ancestors held them as slaves, they deserve reparations! FUCK THAT!! For one, that was well over 150years ago! Secondly, it was their own ancestors in Africa, that these niggers claim to love so much, that sold them into slavery!! Niggers did anything for a dollar then, and they still do! Including trafficking drugs, weapons, robbing stores, and banks. It never ends! They never learn! WHY?? BECAUSE THEY'RE FUCKING STUPID!!!

3. Metal is about hatred. Hatred for scum. Hatred for Judeo-christianity! Metal is Misanthropy! Metal is here to serve as a release of pent up emotions and hatred for all that is causing decay in our society, including Niggers, Spics, Interracial Dating / Marriages, and those poor little half-breed bastard kids that are spawned from it. I feel for those kids, because they had no choice who their parents were. You can only blame the parents for their disgusting interracial affairs that produced the little mix-breed, mutt of a child.

4. You, Mike, are obviously a flaming faggot, left-wing, peice of shit. The world of METAL would be much better off if idiots like yourself would quit trying to label people, and just enjoy the FUCKING MUSICK!!!!! but, since you can't seem to do that, let's hope you die a brutal, miserable death!

-Anthony Moody


Awesome work there, Tony. I think my favorite part is how you go from "Personally, I don't hate people based on race" to "Niggers do anything for a dollar" within one paragraph, and then complain about how a "flaming faggot, left-wing peice [sic] of shit" like me, errrm... labels people. Far be it from you to ever be guilty of labeling anyone, eh?

It was interesting to learn that Metal is apparently concerned with the things that "cause decay in our society", though. I thought we didn't care about society.

And as for the Swastika - read the FAQ.