Hate Mail

As you can probably imagine, there are quite a number of people out there who don't like Metalheads Against Racism or the ideas we stand for. Every now and then, the webmaster gets e-mails from such people. They're presented here as living proof that racist metalheads do exist and we're not just a bunch of paranoid leftists.

The responses are written by the webmaster, Mike Meier. They are intentionally humorous and sarcastic and do not necessarily represent the views of all our members.

Racists and bigots are very much invited to send their inane comments to webmaster@metalheadsagainstracism.org.

By the way, the amount of positive e-mail this site gets still outnumbers the racist crap by far, and the webmaster wishes to thank everyone who has ever written to praise the site for their kind comments.

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From: James Toulon, Dec 19th, 2004

Metalheads against your site !

Dear "Mike",

Your three "declarations" are truly moronic and born out of liberal and jewish brainwashing.
A reply to each one:
1) You apparently don't state how humans are born equal. If under the law, you could make a case for that. If you claim that all humans are born equal in intelligence and abilities then you live in a fantasy world.

2) Multiculturism is dangerous. World history has proven it time and time again. Crack open a history book.

3) It's not about "inferiority", it's about unity among one's own. What you think is racism is one race sticking together and looking ahead to a future for it's own. Now THAT is natural.

And another thing, metal is about hate and it can be about politics. I do not support your site, in fact I support organizations such as the national alliance. (link to the National Alliance removed, I'm not gonna have that kind of shit on here -Mike) BYE!

Dear "James",

Your three "replies" are truly moronic and born out of a rather sad attempt at regurgitating the same bullshit that I get e-mailed to me every month.
1) Look up the difference between the words "equal" and "the same".
2) Yeah, the Anglo-Saxons sure suffered from their mingling with the Vikings, as evidenced by the presence of, uh... white people in America?
3) Well, inbreeding isn't entirely unnatural, I give you that, but it's still not a particularly healthy idea.

From: Richard Cunha, Jan 8th, 2005

No subject

your website is hilariously stupid and moronic. Instead of 'fighting racism' you sit around on a computer posting sarcastic insults to people who probabley know far more on the topic than any of you. Do any of you even know what National Socialism is? Idiots.

Man, you really got me now. I never leave the house. All I ever do is update this site. That's why it gets updated every week. -Mike

From: Jordan Anarchoi, June 15th, 2005

Question for Hate Mailers

This page isn't intended to be a messageboard/forum of any kind, but this e-mail covers a bunch of things that I, personally, just have gotten sick of explaining over and over again, so I thought I'd post it here. -Mike

hey mike, i stumbled across your site and i must say its good to see something positive like this in the metal scene. For all those morons that say..but metals about hate, and you guys aren't metal heads, your politically correct wah wah wah, and then list napalm death as a favourite band have got to be fucking kidding right? Napalm Death were once upon a time widely considered (and still are by many) to be an anarchist band. Barney has publicly spoken out against racism, and other such issues such as animal rights, not just in interveiws, but in many songs as well.. Also he's a VEGAN!!! for all those who don't know what a vegan is it is someone that doesn't consume or use any animal products at all.

Metal is about whatever the fuck you want it to be, it doesn't have to be "evil" and hateful tripe. If you don't agree i suggest you go to a Napalm Death gig and confront the band, im sure you will receive an interesting response.

Regardless of all that the notion of racism is ridiculous anyway. Were all equal. The only thing that separates us is our skin pigmentation. If you don't know what pigmentation means then id suggest possibly learning to read and developing a vocabulary instead of jumping on some "its cool to be racist cos its rebellious" bandwagon. If anything being racist is anti-rebellious. (Write this down for future reference, kids, because it's the fucking TRUTH. - Mike) You're doing exactly what your governments want you to do. Especially within the United States. So before you think you're being rebellious by being a right wing fascist moron...take a look at who is the leader of your country...oh shit it's a right wing fascist moron. Very rebellious now aren't we...oh and so very metal. We hate everything..oh but but we love and support our government. Listen to some real bands and not some bunch of idiots who have low self esteem problems.


PS: All any of you white power morons can seem to come up with is that this guys site is shit because all the bands he listed are shit, and Slipknot are shit. Well Slipknot might be shit (definitely), and im not sure if the bands listed are shit or not, and frankly who gives a fuck. Who the fuck died and made you cunts the gods of Metal? It's good to see that you all think you're such an authority on metal. Also for the Slayer fans out there...remember that Tom Araya is Chilean. This meaning that hes not white...geez sorry guys.

Racism is a joke

From: Carl Hoar, April 18th, 2005

Hmmmm... I've been a listener of metal for 20 years, yet ive never heard of any of those bands. I smell a fake.

When Lars stopped returning my phonecalls, I removed his band. I guess that was kinda petty of me. -Mike

From: Rusty Shackelford, April 3rd, 2005

I recently visited your site and took the time to read through the vast majority of it.

But, I still am in stark disagreement with your view.

First of all the statement "all human beings are born equal" is absolute hogwash. This is a Christian value of egalitarianism which has been proven to be false time and time again. By what measure are you judging these individuals as "equal?" Different people are born with different strengths and weaknesses - these are passed on through genetic material and are determined at the moment of conception. In what sense is this "equal?" Worth should be determined by what you can provide to society to make it better than when you arrived.

The next statement "that multiculturalism is neither unnatural nor dangerous" is based on what? Just look to Rome - it wasn't destroyed in a day. Through general acceptance of other cultures' values and religions which caused the degeneration and eventual fall of the great Empire. How can the dregs of society which stream through the southern border of the US improve our standing in this country? Hell, even Mexico doesnít want those people there - their government recently published a book detailing the best methods to illegally invade my country. Multiculturalism causes the erosion of the mores, the values and the traditions which elevate one nation above another in terms of success measured by standard of living.

Lastly, the statement "the metal scene is not open to those propagating the idea that some people are inferior to others because of their race or culture" sounds a bit exclusionary to me. Because I hold certain political and social views, am I not supposed to be able to enjoy metal? Itís not hard to understand that someone can have an interest in Far Right politics as well as being a devoted metalhead. This is not your scene to dictate who meets certain standards (i.e. follows the heard mentality of "racism = bad") and be part of it or not.

Besides, your information on the swastika is not correct either. There was no "original version of the symbol." It has been found all over the world clockwise, counter-clockwise, angled, flat, etc - it means many different things in different cultures. I donít see how it was "abused" by the Nazis either. It represented life and good luck for the Nazis - remember itís the victor who writes (distorts) the history.

Metal, I thought, had a little bit of something to do with rebellion. What you are doing is parroting the mantra of the schools, churches, governments, corporations, and many other organizations who have apparently won (in your case).

Well, I hope my comments are not perceived as "inane" (but I am sure they will be, the ideals you have formed seem to have clouded your mind from being able to thoroughly process logic).

I'll leave you with a quote:

"The fascists of the future will call themselves anti-fascists."

Sir Winston Churchill

-a metalhead


I love (cough, cough) your Slipknot design for the banner - really shows the quality of metalheads you have under your wing - really good idea to have mallcore kids dictating what is allowed...

It's only heavy metal bands that are gonna boss me around. Them people speak the truth. They got this six-story skeleton named Eddie and he, like, opens his mouth all crazy fang-like. He's crazy as hell.

Yawn. Okay, here's some "thorough processing of logic": First off, while I admire your ability to string together a coherent English sentence, you still don't seem to know what the word "equal" means. Also, your "point" about the fall of the Roman empire and multiculturalism has to be one of the funniest things I've ever read. You know that those "alien cultures" didn't migrate into the empire, they were conquered, right? You know that, right?

I'll give you the point about the swastika. Not that any of what you say really contradicts our FAQ as you seem to be deluding yourself to believe, but yeah, that explanation could be more precise. As for your poorly regurgitated bullshit about racism being, ahem, rebellious, refer to "yawn" above.

You hear that rattling sound? That's Winston Churchill's bones spinning in his grave.

From: Strongguy111, May 15th, 2005

Subject: Metalheads Against White people

You guys are a fucking joke. A bunch of liberal nigger loving hippies that ruin everything they get theyre hands on. First off multiculturalism is wrong, look at what it did to South Africa. Once the niggers got power in 1993 the country went down hill fast. Even after seeing that the american public still thinks that race mixing isnt bad. Look at the kikes in israel that are ruining everything they put theyre greedy paws on. First off there was no holocaust so thats a fucking joke.
Cut your hair
Grow some balls
Curb a nigger
Heil hitler

Ich glaub, um Hitler zu heilen, ist es etwas zu spät.
Yeah, old joke, and you won' get it anyway, but it just made a lot of sense in this context.
Anyway, I'm not entirely sure I understand what South Africa and Israel have to do with multiculturalism, but I'm sure you meant well.

From: Luke Silent, Nov 5th, 2005
Subject: [none]

Fags please die. Niggers are dirty semi-evolved apes, niggers didnt invent the guitar, they just hooked it up to electricity, which is a white invention. You site is a stupid whiny attempt to re-deem yourself at life, when truely you all fail at life. Jesus was nothing but a kike, fuck you and your idealogies you are a pathetic worm

You've gotta give it to this guy, the consistent incoherency of his e-mail is worthy of applause. First he questions our heterosexuality, then he makes what appears to be his idea of an "argument" against the idea that Metal is musically related to Black music (I wonder what Varg Vikernes would say to that one, teehee). From this, it follows only logically, of course, to point out that we're all just trying to "re-deem" ourselves from... uh... something, which inevitably necessitates the pointing out of the oft-neglected fact that Jesus was Jewish.
I'm not sure where to take it from there. All I know is Luke is totally wrong because I had a peanut butter sammich for breakfast. Irrefutable fact.

From: "Not Telling", Nov 5th, 2005
Subject: What else would anybody email you for?

Your site is a joke. Metal is not a medium for you to express your stupid Christian views of equality and fairness. Metal is a violent fuck off to such over-sensitive tolerant losers such as yourself. Get off your computer and go and do something about this 'situation' if you feel so strongly about it. I needed a good laugh, so I came here, to read about some pissed-off teenage nu-metal fan repeat gormlessly the worthless and bland views that he has been cockfed by his Bible Bashing parents. Grow some balls, and it's a safe bet that you are a walking compendium of every racial disorder known to man.

"racial disorder"? Awesome. Is that similar to when people say I'm a "race traitor" and a "Jew"? I've never heard this fascinating term before.
Anyway, I'm still not sure what it has to do with being "over-sensitive" when I point out that people like "Not Telling" here are idiots, but I guess my wording could be a bit more tuff.

From: SUZAAN-MARIE GANZ, Nov 27th, 2005
Subject: Metalheads Against Racism

Hail Hitler! Piece of advice to scum as you are: In order to convert people to your faggots beliefs you should at least to come up with a good reasons:1.Give them a ONE single reason why they should like(tolerate)niggers?And please no more that blues crap,maybe you forgot that before blues there was already a classical music(any negro classical composers?ha ha ha)... and if you really believe that if it wasn't for blues there would not be HEAVY METAL then you are a fucking muppet twat,cuz the urge to play heavy music runs in our blood(but I guess you've got AIDS in your blood instead),so human apes have nothing to do with it at all,but maybe the bands from your "proud to be gay" list were influenced by blues? 2.Name one single country where multiculturalisms has done well? USA,present day Germany or maybe England??If you really think that our culture will suffer without kebabs,cornershops,Eminem(whigger),50 cents,indian"no clue"GP's and any other crap like that than you are..a negro.
3.Please be honest here(which I doubt you ever are),do you or your gay friends find it normal when you are walking down the street to see white scum bitches with black spawns in their prams?And will you be happy if you daughter or son when you are old brought home a shaved human ape with huge cracky lips and then subsequently you've got bunch of small stinking monkeys running around in your house and bearing your last name?What an achievement for an old man!Ha ha ha!!...
Well honestly I could go on forever but what's the point,cus I know likes of you in your totally stupid napalm crappy death tshirts are just a bunch of nigger loving whimps without balls! Please try to spread some of your leaflets at Russian band K.M.(name removed by webmaster) great gigs(they beat the shit out of napalm death by the way when they were touring Russia!The fact!),then at least you will die not from aids but from iron fist! And if you think the racist or fascist views are very popular nowdays then please try to walk with a huge swastika on your tshirt for a day and then let us know how did it go... Please include extreme shitty noise terror band in your list of puff bands cus the singer is a nigger lover too as you are.
"Throw the jew down the well,
so my country can be free,
we must grab him by his horns,
then we have a big party!"
P.S: To all true metalheads over there! Buy these albums (removed)

Sorry, folks, but I'm not naming anymore names on this site, we all know what happened last time, so I had to remove the stuff this funny lady advertised in her e-mail. Anyway, SUZAAN-MARIE GANZ, the AIDS in my blood is like totally more deadly than your Metal. I win at being nekkrogrymme. -Mike

From: Ded, Nov 28th, 2005
Subject: Metalheads Against Racism

boo hoo! lets do away with all the races and become a world of mud people with no sense of pride or ancestry. follow the herd! live in your mtv world. you know i hate people like you more than i do anyone else! idiots

"peace out" (<-- does that make me cool enough to be your friend) write back soon

I had to include the little violin emoticon there to really give you the full Ded experience. Awesome stuff. WHTE PWR LOLZ. -Mike

From: Trevor Thane, Dec 3rd, 2005
Subject: "Duh, race bad"

Dear Mike,
Congratulations on your predictable PC page. All your page proves is that metalheads are such morons, they make normal people look like mensa material.
Firstly, you treat race as a completely black and white issue, both literally and figuratively, and reduce it to the level of playground politics. You're like the dunce in the sand pit repeating "Duh, race bad", and throwing sand at anyone who doesn't nod in agreement. Your page is about as unobjective and unscientific as you can get, since you twist everything to suit your narrow set of assumptions, rather than giving race any degree of complexity, or acknowledging that one can be racist in a good way, without necessarily being hateful. Any well-intentioned discussion on race is always going to step on a few toes, but your sort of knee-jerk reactions are exactly the reason why its such a touchy issue.

You make a distinction between equality and sameness. Thank you for that at least! We're all more or less equal being human, yes, but we are definately not the same when all tendencies are considered, even tho you seem to think the races are the same and confuse this with equality. We have equality of the sexes yes, but that doesn't mean that genders are the same in all respects, by no means. And if everybody is so equal (read same) as you claim, why don't we just sleep with our mothers, as obviously any hole will do, and you'd be a bigot to turn yours down.
You say that you're against all forms of racism, yet obviously you're not against "anti" racism, which is one of the more hateful types. Whether or not you're against racism, clearly you are against race - period. Your color-blind bigotry is sickening, and it makes you quite literally a race hater.

By treating multiculturalism as a sacred cow and reckless abandon to the melting pot idea, you're condoning the destruction of diversity which different races offer. We should have equality between the races, not OF the races. Denying race means condoning genocide, and would it really make no difference to you if only one race walked this earth? Granted, I dislike all races, but I'll hate them even more if they're blended into a mixed race supremacy, island of Dr Moreau style. Regards,

Trevor Thane

What we've learned today: Just because you can type up a grammatically and orthographically sound English sentence doesn't mean you're making a coherent argument. Or in other words: Uh... what?

Anyway, to address what I
think our quasi-literate pal Trevor here is trying to say, there are innumerable complexities to the subject of race/culture relations and multiculturalism that need to be addressed pragmatically and without dogma of any kind getting in the way of the best solution, but that does absolutely nothing to change the fact that if you claim superiority based on your nationality or skin pigmentation, you're a fucking idiot. The end. -Mike

From: Logan Kuehn, Jan 19th, 2006
Subject: "Your Purpose... in vain."

In a world where MTV is God, and the black man makes a million by repeating the words "fuck" and "bitch" in an terribly arranged piece, you still fight for THEIR rights? Their current culture, which is infecting a beautiful idea, is what keeps real metal, and yes I know what real metal is, under wraps.

You are what makes metal seem dead to those of us who have struggled since the begginning.

- Count Zarothon, Omaha Nebraska.

Goddammit, did my programming team change the name of the site to "Metalheads for the Promotion of Rap Music" again? I fucking hate when they do that. -Mike
From: Sclerosis of the coccygeal vertebra Firefighter, Feb 2nd, 2006
Subject: "Hate Mail"

Fuckin' eh Metalheads Against Racism,

Why associate metal with racism? What do the two have in common? Why not "Peope Against Racism"? There certainly is no racial ostracism in metal, nor is there in any other type of music. The only form of modern racism that comes to mind are the segregation of black and white communities in the US and mass reliance on pop culture which is reeking with racism. Putting this banner on a site does not impose equal rights, it looks pompous and self-indulgant. Attempts to appear contemporary and postmodern fail and result in pretentious self-importance.

Here's an idea, why not get people to realize that not all metal bands are Satanic? Why not get metal bands to disown the pop-festered, teenage marketed nu-metal of Slipknot and Static-X and advertise what real metal is?

I read a very impressive hate mail by Rusty Shackelford who clearly knows their philosophy, and you reply with the methane of a brain fart. "Yawn. Okay, here's some "thorough processing of logic" that was really deep, idiot. Hey hot-shot, you sound like an instant message savvy teenager trying to be Maddox and the very creation of this site is your cry for publicity.

This site is retarded. I await your rudimentary reply.

You know, as hilariously dumb as Rusty Shackelford may be, you certainly have him beat in the "using big words to cover up absence of a point" department. "Attempts to appear contemporary and postmodern fail and result in pretentious self-importance"? Hahahaha. Awesome. -Mike

From: messy freak, Feb 22nd, 2006
Subject: "your site is gay"

fucking nigger lover faggots METAL IS FOR WHITES niggers cant headbang with their coon faces and affros. fuck you shit eater nigger cocksukcer learn WHITE PRIDE 14/88 STAY WHITE STAY PROUD

Fascinating. How does one "stay white", exactly? What kind of sunblock do you use? -Mike

From: Trevor Thane, April 26th, 2006
Subject: "Child molesters against criticism"

Trevor's back! Apparently my response to his previous e-mail irked Mr. Thane so much that he had to pay another visit to the Nickel & Dime Word Store. Most of his second missive was just even more incomprehensible babble about how anti-racists are "race haters" that I don't want to bore you with, but you have to see this little nugget of brilliance:

As it happens, my girlfriend is Mediterranean, while Iím of a Nordic background. Yet we still both regard ourselves as racist, and find it necessary to preserve our own kind. Therefore, when we have kids we will each have them to someone who more closely reflects our own heritage (probably thru IVF), as there should be a difference between recreation and procreation. That way future generations can appreciate those differences that we do. Weíre not about to throw away thousands of years of heritage just on a stupid whim.

Words cannot describe how hilarious this is. Thanks, Trevor, and sorry for editing your e-mail, I don't usually do that, but this stood out so much from the rest of your pointless rambling, I've got half a mind to frame it and put it on my wall. -Mike

From: VoRAdoR, July 16th, 2006
Subject: "Fraud"

I can't find a single thing about your page that would keep me from thinking that it's a fraud.
Being a metalhead, I checked, predictably enough, the list of 'bands' supporting your little internet scam.
I do not know a single band listed, and my iTunes library tells me I listen to over 200 metal artists.

One of the bands listed in your little band list calls itself 'Jack Slater.' What the fuck? Seriously, who the fuck do you think you're fucking with? You know you might be a metalhead and all (although I highly doubt it) but you're just making metalheads look like fucking idiots by making up such names of 'bands.' I mean, if they're fake, you might as well try a bit harder, don't you think? Jack Slater. Fuck. That's pretty weak man, because that's the name of the character Arnold Schwarzenegger acts as in the film 'Last Action Hero.'

And then, if the list of your supporters also includes the names of people... All I can say is that what you're doing is a huge waste of time.

Many genres of music antagonize a certain group or ideal of society - in metal, it is typically organized religion (Christianity) or non-whites. I mean shit, how many blacks listen to / perform metal music? I've seen only one, and that is the (current) lead singer of Sepultura.

If you knew anything about metal you would also realize that you lose two huge groups of possible supporters in your quest for the stupidest internet fraud possible - metalheads that listen to black metal and metalheads that listen to thrash metal. Black metal bands like Mayhem and thrash metal bands like Slayer that have lyrical themes in their music such as the Aryan race thoroughly annihilate any hope of your little fraud being successful.

Aside from all of the above, your responses to those who have actually sent some pretty constructive criticism of your website have only been replied to with insults from your part. That is definitely the way to go if you want your fraud to succeed.

Go and do something slightly more useful. Idleness is sin (which is also why I'll stop writing immediately).

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new champion. I was literally howling with laughter when I got this. We are SO BUSTED, folks! VoRAdoR has downloaded mp3s by over 200 'metal artists'! VoRAdoR's iTunes library said so! VoRAdoR is totally a Metal expert! And if VoRAdoR says Jack Slater don't exist, that's gotta be a FACT! Just like the FACT that only white people have ever played Metal! Hahahahaha. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go forward this to the Jack Slater guys. -Mike

From: XXX XXX, August 16th, 2006
Subject: "Thrym says:"

Well, u probably ganna write any, completely sensless, sarcastic and retarded answer, but ima try it tho.

Well. what do americans know of real metal? Not any of the old heavy metal, TRUE BLACK METAL! What makes BM up is quite simple, Misanthropy, Hate, Satanism.
So, your leftwing Napalm Death and what ever sub-human shit u got over there is completely retarded... u got some nice bands aswell i must say... [removed] and [removed] (NSBM band names removed for obvious reasons -Mike) are quite nice, otherwise take ur hands of the BM, plz...

Well if u turn BM into leftwing views, its ripped out its roots! In every old BM band [such as Darkthrone [Fenriz], Burzum [Varg Vikernes] and Mayhem [Hellhammer] u will find atleast 1 whos a nazi]

BM is the music of the white man, what ever u say. And using Slipknot and Korn and stuff [Also anykind of Grind [which came from punk-rock = leftwing]] is totally retarded and shows that u do not have any idea whats going on!


Okay, so... we have no idea what's going on, but the guy who thinks Fenriz is a Nazi, Napalm Death is from the USA and "u" is a word, that guy, like, TOTALLY knows his shit. And I'm not American, but that's neither here nor there.
Please, kids, in the future, when you're referencing Lords of Chaos to back up your non-argument, at least mention it in your footnotes.