What is Metalheads Against Racism?

Metalheads Against Racism is a loose association of members of the Heavy Metal scene who are sick of the infiltration of the Metal scene by racists, bigots and nazis. Though rebellious, Heavy Metal has never really been "political" in the narrow sense. But now that our Metal scene is becoming overrun by racists, it has become necessary to make a clear statement against racism. To keep the racist scum out of our scene, and to make it clear to the whole world that Heavy Metal is NOT racist, and we will NOT tolerate racism among us. Metalheads Against Racism offers a way to make this statement. By putting the Metalheads Against Racism banner on your publications, you declare that you support our anti-racist declaration.

Why does the world need a Metalheads Against Racism?

Common sense would tell you that it's not necessary for Metalheads to declare themselves anti-racist. Heavy Metal as an art form is about the love of freedom and has always been opposed to fascist ideas. But in recent years, the scene has become more and more infiltrated by racists. It's absurd that an art form like Metal should be used for the propagation of racist ideologies, but the fact is that it's happening right now, and we need to put an end to it. A clear line must be drawn between real Metalheads and bigots who are only abusing Metal to propagate their racist ideas.

In a day and age where many bands use nazi symbols on their albums and on stage and then turn around and declare themselves "unpolitical", in a day and age where it has become the norm rather than the exception to see people who openly declare themselves racist at Metal shows, it's necessary to let the world know where you stand. It's unfortunate and tragic that we ever let it get to this point, but we need to face the facts and do something about them. That's why the world needs a Metalheads Against Racism.